Helpline: 041 9844550

Freephone: 1800 929999

Our Mission & Values

Drogheda Women and Children’s Refuge empowers women and children experiencing domestic, sexual and gender based violence and homelessness by providing support, a range of services and safe emergency accommodation.
We work towards the prevention of domestic, sexual and gender-based violence through awareness raising and education.

Guiding approaches:

  • A women and child centred approach that is non-judgemental and trauma informed – recognising, respecting and responding to individual circumstances and needs.
  • A holistic approach – Recognising the effect of DSGBV on all aspects of women and children’s lives.
  • A multi-agency approach – Working collaboratively to achieve successful outcomes for women and children.
  • Belief in empowerment:
  • The empowerment of women – Supporting women to have an awareness of and ability to exercise their human rights.
  • Autonomy – Supporting women as decision makers through informed choice.
  • The individual voice – Providing safe space for women and children to talk and be heard.
  • The possibility of change – Breaking the cycle of abuse for individuals and families.
  • Safety – Enhancing women and children’s safety through support and services.
  • Integrity – Working professionally with honesty, transparency and accountability.

History of DWCR

DWCR’s journey began in 1998 when a group of dedicated volunteers recognised the need to support women and children affected by domestic violence in the Drogheda area. We opened our refuge in the Stables, admitting 55 families in 1998, providing safety and support for women and children fleeing domestic abuse. Over time, with community support and fundraising efforts, we secured a purpose-built refuge centre in 2009. This facility has allowed us to accommodate 88 families in 2022, and to increase the average length of stay to 12 weeks, enabling us to provide more comprehensive support.
Who do we support?

DWCR serves a diverse range of families, primarily women and their children seeking refuge from domestic violence. We also assist women experiencing homelessness due to complex circumstances. While our primary focus is on the Dublin and Northeast region, we extend our services to women and children from other areas who reach out to us in times of need.

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