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Meet the Team

DWCR Senior Management Team consists of:

Susan Keogh

Chief Executive Officer

Susan has more than 25 years of service in the community and voluntary sector, encompassing the North East and Border regions.

Her extensive expertise spans a wide spectrum, including training and development within the community, as well as support roles to the boards of management of CDPs (Community Development Projects) and FRCs (Family Resource Centres). She has also actively contributed to community development initiatives with with Traveller families, specifically in the Louth and Cavan regions. Her portfolio further extends to the proficient management of local community projects.

Susan’s commitment lies in the pursuit of equality and human rights, with a particular focus on advocating for the welfare of women and children. This passion has driven her to spearhead transformative initiatives within Drogheda Women & Children’s Refuge and be at the forefront of positive change in this vital domain.

Irene Kilroy

Chief Financial Officer

Irene joined the refuge team in 2007 as an Administrator. With ACCA qualifications and QQI Level 6 certifications in People Management Skills and Managing People and Change, she has since assumed the role of Chief Financial Officer and is part of the Senior Management team.

In her current position, Irene plays a pivotal role in the organisation. She is responsible for overseeing financial planning, collaborating with the CEO and Finance Subgroup, and managing the company’s finances. This encompasses activities such as budgeting, cash flow management, generating reports, and presenting management accounts to the Board of Management. She is also in charge of maintaining financial systems, overseeing payroll, and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations.

Irene takes the lead in the Annual Audited account processes and works closely with the CEO on Service Level Agreement (SLA) submissions and reporting to various entities, including Tusla, LCC, Pobal, as well as statutory annual returns to CRO, CRA, and funding stakeholders. Her multifaceted role demonstrates her commitment and expertise in financial management within the organisation.

Chelsea Johnston

Support Services Manager

Chelsea joined DWCR in 2021, bringing with her a wealth of experience from the social care sector, where she has dedicated herself to making a positive impact for the past six years, with a notable focus on homeless services. As a pivotal member of the Senior Management team, Chelsea plays a crucial role in overseeing the quality and day-to-day operations at DWCR, with a specific focus on supporting women and children facing domestic abuse.

Within the Senior Management team, Chelsea takes a leadership role in guiding staff training and development initiatives, aligning them with our vision of expanding our current services. This strategic alignment ensures that DWCR can effectively meet its objectives and continue to provide essential support to those in need.

Michelle Woods

Head of Childhood Support

Michelle’s professional background is rooted in her invaluable experience working with children and families who have endured trauma. She honed her skills during a decade-long tenure at Mosney Accommodation Centre before dedicating the past 11 years to DWCR. During her time at DWCR, Michelle has made substantial contributions to raising the standards of support services for children living in both refuge and the community.  Her tireless efforts have been aimed at minimising the profound impact of domestic abuse on these vulnerable individuals.

She has recently assumed the role on the Senior Management team in DWCR and takes a leadership role in guiding staff training and development initiatives, aligning them with our vision of expanding our current services. 

Michelle’s commitment to supporting children and validating their experiences in the face of domestic abuse is unwavering. She carries a forward-looking vision of expanding services in the future, ensuring that DWCR remains at the forefront of providing essential assistance to those in need.

Lorraine Woods

Dep. Heald of Childhood Support

Lorraine’s professional background is rooted in her work with women and children, spanning over 18 years. Her expertise is particularly focused on therapeutic play and providing support to children facing crisis situations.

More recently, Lorraine has honed her skills in working with families experiencing domestic abuse and homelessness, consistently applying a trauma-informed approach to her practice.

Presently, she serves as the Deputy Children’s Service Manager and plays an integral role within the Senior Management Team.

Carmey Quarney

Community Employment Supervisor

Carmel possesses a strong educational foundation, including a BA (Hons) in Psychology and an MA in Addiction Studies. Currently, she is further enhancing her knowledge by pursuing an H-dip/MA in Counselling and Psychotherapy. Her dedication to ongoing education reflects her commitment to providing the highest level of support.

With a rich background spanning nine years in case management, Carmel has extensive experience working with individuals marginalized due to various nationalities and complex needs. Her expertise encompasses areas such as homeless services, mental health, addiction, and volunteering on a suicide helpline. More recently, she has dedicated her efforts to assisting the long-term unemployed.

For the past four years, Carmel has been instrumental in supervising the Community Employment Team at the Refuge. Her leadership aims to enhance the experiences and learning outcomes of participants, aligning with the overarching goals of the main service’s development. Her multifaceted experience and commitment to growth make her a valuable asset to the organisation.

Our Support Services Teams are:

  • Support Services Team
  • Refuge Support Workers (including Night Support Workers & Relief)
  • Outreach Support Workers
  • CE Care Support Workers

Childrens Services Team

  • Childcare Workers
  • Childrens Activity Worker

Therapeutic Services (Sub-Contracted)

  • Qualified Therapist
  • Child Therapists

Ancillary Services

  • Housekeeping (including CE Caretakers and Cleaners)
  • Shop Supervisor (including CE shop assistants)
  • Administration Assistants

Women’s and Children’s Support Teams work across the organisation in Refuge Support, Outreach & Court accompaniment and Childcare, delivering services to women and children experiencing domestic abuse.

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