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Volunteer confidentiality agreement

Volunteers are required at all times to maintain absolute confidentiality in respect of matters which come to their knowledge in the course of their work within DWCR. This includes matters internal to DWCR and matters in relation to Service users. Volunteers are also required and expected to maintain this standard of confidentiality when they leave the DWCR.

DWCR Confidentiality Policy is to be provided and read alongside this policy.

I acknowledge that I have received, read, and understood Drogheda Women’s and Children’s Refuge Centre CLG. Confidentiality Policy. By signing below, I accept this policy and agree to comply with it.

  1. I am aware that information that:
    • Is or has been obtained during, or in the course involvement, or has otherwise been acquired in trust due to involvement with DWCR
  2. Relates particularly to the business of DWCR, service users or that of other persons or bodies with whom we have dealings of any sort, and
  3. Has not been made public by, or with our authority,
  4. Is confidential, and (save in the course of our business or as required by law) a Director
  5. / employee / volunteer / service user shall not at any time, whether before or after the end of their involvement, disclose such information in any form to any person without the written consent of the Board of Management.

I agree to exercise care to keep safe all documentary or other material containing confidential information, and at the time of end of my involvement with the DWCR or at any other time upon demand, return to the Refuge any such material in my possession.

I agree not to disclose any information held by DWCR and not independently available to a third party without the individual’s written consent and permission from the CEO or Board of Directors.

I realise that a breach of confidentiality is considered an act of gross misconduct and is subject to disciplinary action.

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