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Domestic Violence >   What you can do if you are being hurt in a relationship

What you can do if you are being hurt in a relationship

  • The first thing is to admit to yourself it is happening.
  • The second thing is to remind yourself that it is not your fault.
  • The third thing is to accept that you cannot control another person.
  • The fourth thing is to remember you do not deserve it.
  • The fifth thing is to know this is not what your parents planned for you
  • The sixth thing is to remember this is not what you planned for yourself
  • The seventh thing is to remember this is not what your spouse/partner promised you
  • The eighth thing is to remember this is not what you planned for your children
  • The ninth thing is to remember you can start to change your situation today if you want to.
  • The tenth thing is we can help you when and if you are ready.
  • The eleventh thing is we will support you no matter what your decision is.
  • The twelfth thing is remember you don't have to be battered to be broken.
  • Ring the refuge. 041-9844550

Safety Plan

If you have been in or are living in a violent relationship, you need to look after your own safety and that of your children.You need to be ready to take action if you are at risk of being assaulted. Getting some useful items together in a safe place, can help you later if you need to leave quickly.

Useful Items to have ready:

  • Medication for yourself or your children
  • Medical Card
  • P.P.S. number
  • Children's allowance and benefit books
  • Bank, Post office, Credit union books (your own)
  • Marriage, Birth Certificates, Driving Licence and Passports (your own and children's)
  • Identity card if appropriate
  • Money, Keys, Taxi/Refuge number.
  • Clothes and Children favourite toys

If you are in immediate danger leave everything, do not put yourself or your children at risk. The Gardai can come back with you later to collect your belongings.The staff and volunteers of Drogheda Women's refuge are trained to offer you information and support.We will not tell you what to do. It is your life and your decision.

It is a good idea to report any physical assault or abuse to both your local doctor or hospital, gardai and refuge, even if you do not want to take legal action at this time. Apart from being essential to have injuries treated properly, doctor/hospital and garda/refuge reports can be useful as vital evidence later should you decide to proceed with legal action in the future.

If you need safe accommodation, you and your children can seek shelter at your nearest women's refuge.

Drogheda Women's refuge   041-9844550 (24 hour help line)

Dundalk Womens refuge      041-9333245

Navan Women's refuge        046-9022393

Or Women's Aid Free phone Help line (1800 341 900) will help you find accommodation.




Family law solicitors can advise you of your legal rights.You may qualify for Legal Aid. Legal Aid Board

You can come to the refuge where we can show you the options available to you but we do not give legal advice. Our number is 041-9844550

Help and information is also available from the local District court clerk on applying for orders. The number for Drogheda clerk of the court is 041-9838313.

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