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For more information contact Department of Social and Family affairs


Health Board Payments

If you leave your home and start living somewhere else e.g. a refuge, family/friends, private accommodation, you are entitled to apply for immediate payments from your local Community Welfare Officer.

These payments are categorised as:

  • Basic payments.
  • Supplements.
  • Exceptional needs payments.

Basic Payments - supplementary welfare allowance.

This is an emergency payment to cover living expenses until you are assessed for your social welfare payments. To receive this payment you need to go to your local clinic and see your Community Welfare Officer.

Discretionary Payments Supplements

These payments are regular payments added to your basic income, examples of these are rent allowance and mortgage interest, special dietary payments.

Discretionary Payments Exceptional Needs

If you are in severe need for money a discretionary payment may be made by your community welfare officer.

Other Activities Undertaken By The Community Welfare Officer

  • Medical Cards
  • Back to School Allowance
  • Fuel Scheme
  • Disabled Persons Maintenance Allowance
  • Home Help

Department of Social and Family affairs

Rent Allowance

To apply for a rent allowance you must call to the Community Welfare Officer at your local health centre. Bring your rent book and documentation to prove the amount of income that you are receiving. Rent allowance depends on a number of factors, your income, how much rent you are paying, and what area you are living in. Call to your local community officer and they will explain the details to you.

One Parent Family payment

One Parent Family payment is a payment for both men and women who, for a variety of reasons, are bringing up a child(ren) without the support of a partner.

A person who is unmarried, widowed, a prisoner's spouse, separated, divorced or whose marriage has been annulled and who is no longer living with her/ his spouse is eligible to apply for this payment.

Applications and more information on all of the above, contact:


Pension services office,
College rd.,
Tel (071 ) 69800
Dublin (01) 8748444


Community Welfare office
North Quay

Co. Louth


Health Centre



Co. Louth


Lone Parents Citizens Information

Family Income Supplement (FIS) A lone parent at work may also be entitled to FIS where your income is from employment and your lone parents allowance is below a certain level.

When and How to Apply


If you are unmarried: Within 3 months of your child being born, you can apply for a supplementary payment whilst waiting for your lone parent payment.

If you are separated/deserted your claim will be accepted for investigation when you have been separated/ deserted for at least 6 weeks. If you qualify you will not receive any money until you have been separated/deserted for at least 3 months. You can apply for a supplementary payment whilst waiting for a full payment.

If you make a late claim, payment will only be made from the date of the claim. You can get a claim form from your social welfare office.