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Domestic Violence >   Role Of The Gardaí

Role Of The Gardaí

If you are assaulted or in fear of being assaulted call the Gardaí. Ring 999

Gardaí Response To A Domestic Violence Incident Is Governed By Their Domestic Violence Policy this dictates that they should:

Respond as quickly as possible to a domestic violence incident.

Try to ensure that two members attend (not always possible in rural areas)

Separate both parties involved – primary focus is the protection of Life and property.

Seek medical attention where necessary

Interview each party separately as part of the investigation.

Note: it is advisable to take a note of the name and uniform number of the Garda and ask when this Garda will be on duty again if a statement is not being taken at the time of the incident.

Collection of evidence:

Torn or bloodied clothing from victim and or abuser, condition of scene i.e.

Damage to property

All“excited utterances” made by parties involved and if possible take photographs

Power of Arrest, if exists- bearing in mind the Forces Pro Arrest Policy, particularly to enforce a court order.

Remove to the Garda Station where the abuser is;

Detained, charged and later released on bail, or where necessary detained in custody and brought before the next available district court or arrange for a Special Sitting of that court.

Information given to the victim

Legal options

Support Services available in the area.

If children are involved or witness the incident, refer to the appropriate Health Board on the grounds of physical and / or emotional abuse

Continual liaison with the victim.

If you do not receive prompt and appropriate help from the Gardai, you can complain by contacting the local Superintendent. or the Garda Ombudsman.

For more information click on the link below.

Garda complaints