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Education in Schools

Drogheda Women's and Children's refuge centre has delivered the 'Prevention of abusive relationships' educational programme to schools in the Drogheda area since 2000.


Our training and education officer Theresa Wood designed and developed the programme for second level schools to help young people to recognise potentially abusive relationships at an early stage.


This will hopefully prevent young people from becoming involved in abusive relationships and know how to get help for themselves or a friend should they find themselves in this situation.


The programme is gender neutral, abuse/bullying does not happen because of your gender. It happens because you have been unfortunate enough to meet an abuser/bully.


Abusive people(bullies) will be abusive in relationships no matter who their partners are.


Abusive people(bullies) have very little real confidence.


They may appear very confident but this is usually just bravado.


Bringing other people down is the only thing that makes abusive people (bullies) feel better about themselves.


It gives them a false surge of confidence, which disappears quickly.That is why they have to keep repeating the abuse/bullying in order to get the same feeling of power.



The schools programme is highly recommended by every school who has taken part to date.

The programme teaches respect for yourself and others in all types of relationships, friends, teachers, parents and partners.


The programme helps to boost the confidence and self esteem of those taking part therefore making them less likely to stay in abusive relationships when they become aware of them.


What to do if you or a friend are in an abusive relationship.

Ring the refuge and speak to our schools education and training officer Theresa Wood Tel:041-9844550.

This number is available 24 hours a day in the strictest confidence.


Ring the refuge leave you first name and mobile number she will text you back to make sure it is a good time to call you.


Or email theresawood@eircom.net


No one will tell you what to do - Its your life!



Schools and Colleges:


For teachers in schools and colleges, to arrange a visit to organise an information or training session ring Theresa Wood at 041-9844550